Mar 112015
Marshmallow Nougat

Marshmallow Nougat.  Sounds weird, tastes fabulous! Up until last weekend I never knew you could melt marshmallows and now I do I’ve a zillion ideas I want to try.  This was just one.  I’m normally not a nougat fan as it’s always so hard and teeth-shattering, however using the marshmallow makes so so soft and [Continue reading…]

Feb 232015
MacGuyMum returns...

#MacGuyMum – A Mum who can make engineer to a problem using found objects such as a paperclip, some belly button fluff and foil from a chocolate bar… It’s an essential parenting skill – making something from nothing, making do with what you have. It happens to us all, when we realise the kids are [Continue reading…]