Feb 232015
MacGuyMum returns...

#MacGuyMum – A Mum who can make engineer to a problem using found objects such as a paperclip, some belly button fluff and foil from a chocolate bar… It’s an essential parenting skill – making something from nothing, making do with what you have. It happens to us all, when we realise the kids are [Continue reading…]

Feb 182015
Worldly Wednesday Flashback - Pizza Pockets

How are you all faring from a few weeks back at school? Are you still coming up with fabulous foodie finds for your kids lunches or have you already reverted to the old vegemite rut?   Sometimes it’s hard to keep the inspiration coming so I thought I would help by injecting some pizza fun into [Continue reading…]

Feb 132015
Mexican Quinoa Casserole

This easy casserole is perfect for those nights when you need dinner on the table quick smart! It’s not only quick and easy but healthy too, with the quinoa making it a much lighter and healthier version than simply using a grain (such as rice). The mexican flavours work so well and although it may [Continue reading…]

Feb 052015
How to Survive Raising a Business and Toddlers at the Same Time

Ahh yes – how do we do it?  The question asked by many to Mel and I as well as countless other mums out there.  Trying to raise a successful business is hard and when you add a family and for many, another 9-5 job on top of that, it can be a crazy hectic [Continue reading…]