Sep 162015
Chipotle Chicken & Corn Salad

  Easy, Fresh, Fast. That’s exactly how to describe this fabulous Chipotle Chicken and Corn Salad.  So easy to prepare and the flavours are so vibrant you could close your eyes and be forgiven for thinking you were in Mexico. With the weather finally starting to warm up (Yippee!) this is a quick midweek meal [Continue reading…]

Sep 072015
Finnish Blueberry Pie

  Quite possibly the easiest pie on the planet (and one of the yummiest). Our Au Pair is from Finland, where blueberries grow wild and plentiful and are used in everything from cakes to pies to sweet rolls. This pie is a national classic and I was fortunate enough to be given her Mothers’ recipe [Continue reading…]

Aug 192015
Thermomix Smoothie Cubes - Recipe Flashback

Sadly, I (Danni) do not own a Thermomix. Boo! I do however, have a blender and although it’s nowhere near as good – it still works well for this awesome recipe.  Mel posted it sometime ago and it really is a fantastic way of using up fruits that are starting to look a little down. [Continue reading…]

Aug 172015
Get Kids Cooking Giveaway!

  These days, parents like us allow their kids to spend way too much time with their eyes glued to an iPad. (Hands up – we all know who we are!). Technology can be a really useful tool, however sometimes we need to spend a little more time thinking up creative ways for kids to [Continue reading…]