Feb 192016
Chicken & Potato Salad with Creamy Basil Dressing

  There is nothing better than a good salad. Especially when the days are long, evenings hot and you really don’t want to be sweating over the stove for hours. Salads are easy, quick to make and the combinations for new and exciting ones simply endless.  This particular evening, a hot curry with rice was [Continue reading…]

Jan 252016
6 Easy Freezy Lunchbox Recipes

This week leading up to the new school year is the perfect time to get cooking some of these Easy Freezy lunchbox recipes. Bake and freeze beforehand and all you have to do is throw it in a lunchbox and you are done! Lunchbox Pizzas           Muffins (any sort really, but [Continue reading…]

Jan 182016
This week in the Thermomix #2

My Mobin Spice Rack arrived this week. No more rummaging around through the spice box to not find what I wanted. I pre-ordered this back in early November, it’s been a long wait, and it’s not the cheapest storage solution, but I do love it. It’s so pretty! Plus I can see everything at a [Continue reading…]