Jul 152014
Finlee and Me Product Roadtest - Take 2

A few weeks back Mel posted about some great items we received from Finlee & Me to test-run. Finlee and Me is a seriously awesome store.  I love it as its got fun, educational and interesting toys (not just plastic “stuff”) as well as great things for baby.  The things in this store reminded me of [Continue reading...]

Jul 142014
Exploring Sydney with kids - on a budget...

After a long night driving through from Yamba To Sydney (the start of the long drive home back to Hobart), we had a day to spend in Sydney before afternoon hotel check in -hello comfy hotel beds!! It’s the tail end of our holidays, so we were looking for things to entertain the children, without [Continue reading...]

Jul 112014
Handy Homework and Organisation Station!

If you are anything like me, you know there is nothing like a good list.  Being organised is really important to me and helps my household run like clockwork (well, most of the time!).  In our new rented place there is a distinct lack of space. Any space – no wardrobes, no pantry space, no [Continue reading...]

Jul 092014
Worldly Wednesday - Chocolate Pudding Cake

Trust Me.  You need Chocolate Pudding Cake! (Don’t Argue).  It’s easy, it’s delicious and it’s fast (not to mention it’s chocolate and pudding and cake!!). You know you want some……   CHOCOLATE PUDDING CAKE YOU WILL NEED 180g 70% Dark Choc 240ml Milk 2 x Tablespoons Sugar 1 cup SR Flour, sifted 2 x teaspoons [Continue reading...]