Mar 292014
A search for foodie inspiration...

I hate getting stuck in a food rut and am always on the search or new and exciting things to try. Since moving, I have not had much time to spend scouring my new local area too much.  Things have just been so hectic!  I have not even had a chance to check out the [Continue reading...]

Mar 262014
Here comes the aeroplane - transport party food!

We’ve forgone our regular Worldly Wednesday post for a bit of party food today. Following on from Monday’s Transport Party post, here is the food that I served up for Master O’s party… Traffic light jellies – and yes, the colour scheme is upside down. When I started the jellies on Thursday night, I only [Continue reading...]

Mar 222014
Training Pants for Toddlers

  There is much excitement in our house of late as Miss Z is starting Toilet Training (hurrah!). Its come around much earlier this time (Z being under 3) that it did for Miss N (who was well over 3).  The idea of being a nappy free household is just too good to pass up so [Continue reading...]

Mar 192014
Worldly Wednesday - Slow Cooker Chicken

Need a fast workday dinner? Look no further! This Slow Cooker Chicken recipe will have you cheering!  Its a set-and-forget type of meal and it must be fabulous as my munchkins had 3 servings each. (Nuff Said!)   SLOW COOKER CHICKEN   YOU WILL NEED 1 x whole Free Range Chicken 1 x Tablespoon Paprika [Continue reading...]