Jul 292014
Wordly Wednesday - 5 Favourite Winter Warmers

Until this week, we’d been having a pretty sunny, mild Winter. Yesterday Miss E woke up with a runny nose and sore throat – cue the cold, rainy weather to match. I decided to give a Thermomix recipe a try that I’d heard lots of raving about – Quirky Cooking’s Creamy Chicken and Brown Rice [Continue reading…]

May 072014
Worldly Wednesday - Thermomix Smoothie Cubes

By now you probably all know how much I love smoothies for a quick and easy breakfast. Healthy, filling and quick – it’s a great on-the-go alternative to the usual breakfast fare. I’ve been working on making this even quicker, while making use of any excess fruit we have on hand. Enter Smoothie Cubes! The [Continue reading…]