Nov 042014
Road Test Tuesday - Hippo Blue

Have you checked out Hippo Blue? It’s a great site where you can order customised Invitations, Planners, Wall Decals and so much more!  Totally our type of thing:) We are particularly smitten with the Pantry Labels and Lunch Bags and the Chalkboard Wall Stickers are seriously awesome!  I have a feeling some of these may be on our Christmas [Continue reading…]

Oct 092014
Classmate Gifts - School Birthday Treat Bags

Miss N was 8 last week.  (!!!!!!!) Since her birthday falls in the October long weekend, we are always on holidays, which means she never gets to treat her classmates to cupcakes on the big day. This year she was adamant.  We HAD to have cupcakes to send to school on the first day back!! [Continue reading…]

Sep 192014
School Holiday Ideas and your FREE Printable Holiday Planner!

  Well it is school holidays again and we are on the hunt for loads of fun and cheap ideas to keep the kids amused! Thankfully it is starting to warm up in Sydney so we will be able to get out of the house a little more – yay!! If you are wondering what [Continue reading…]

Aug 112014
What Jamie Oliver cards, ice-cream makers and second degree burns have in common...

What do Jamie Oliver cards, ice-cream makers and second degree burns have in common? Most people would probably say absolutely nothing. In most households you would be completely correct. Unless you live in my house where these directly correlate with each other… It all started innocently enough. The ice-cream maker bowl stored in the fridge [Continue reading…]