Apr 292015
BBQ Better - A 3 Course Nth African BBQ Feast!

Ahh the humble bbq. I remember ours as a child, a simple brick construction, top hot plate and a wire rack underneath where you shoved the wood.  Basic yet practical.  My dad was the type who loved charring steaks and sausages to a black charcoal hue, then insisting they were perfectly tasty. Funnily enough, I [Continue reading…]

Dec 012014
Party theme - Pixies & Pirates plus LUXE!

Miss E had her SIXTH birthday party a fortnight ago. It was pretty simple, I did NO baking as it was only my second week into full time work – thankfully, it is easy to create a co-ordinating party theme these days. Most discount stores and party shops offer matching partyware, pretty much everything we used [Continue reading…]

Oct 232014
Raspberry & Mint Crush

With the weather warming up (finally!) this yummy Raspberry & Mint Crush is a perfect drink for a hot day. In it’s virgin state it’s lovely, although a swig of coconut rum or vodka would make for a gorgeous cocktail for those long summer nights!   RASPBERRY AND MINT CRUSH Makes 1-2 drinks You Will [Continue reading…]

Oct 212014
Worldly Wednesday Flashback - A Squirmy Wormy Halloween Treat!

By far and away, one of our all time most popular posts is this fantastic Squirmy Worm edible craft idea.  Since Halloween is right around the corner, it really is an easy and fun activity the kids can get right into!! Check it out today and make some Squirmy Worms yourself!!  

Oct 092014
Classmate Gifts - School Birthday Treat Bags

Miss N was 8 last week.  (!!!!!!!) Since her birthday falls in the October long weekend, we are always on holidays, which means she never gets to treat her classmates to cupcakes on the big day. This year she was adamant.  We HAD to have cupcakes to send to school on the first day back!! [Continue reading…]