Menu Planning

Aug 202014
Worldly Wednesday - Crumbed Fish with Quinoa

  This tasty dish was born of a somewhat rare occurrence….no food in my house!  I had not been out to do the grocery run and so my fish and salad dinner was looking like just being fish.  I scoured the cupboards and ended up pulled out the quinoa, mixing in a few last bits [Continue reading...]

Jul 252014
Fun Food For Kids - Chicken Chippee Wallets

I’m one Mama who loves finding new and interesting things to make for the kids. I do cook most things from scratch (or as close to as I can) although I must admit there are times when I reach for the packaged and pre-made items.  I’m all for being healthy as much as I possibly [Continue reading...]

Jun 272014
What' Cookin' Good Looking' ?

Its Friday!! Hooray! My favourite day of the week.  Friday afternoons are normally games day or movie day in our house, (we are currently in the midst of regular Trivial Persuit challenges!)  as no one needs to get up early the next day and there is no homework to be done.  Mummy can pull out the [Continue reading...]

May 022014
Monday I've Got Friday On My Mind….

Ahh, Friday. Love of My Life:)  Just like the Easybeats I must say it really is my favourite day of the week. This week I’m back to Full Time work for the first time in about 4 years.  Not something I wanted to have to do, but hey – that’s life I guess (although obviously, [Continue reading...]

Jan 222014
Worldly Wednesday - Back to School Lunchbox Ideas Part Two!

Following on from our first post on school lunches, we have come up with some more great ideas to make your kids lunches fun and YUM! The big tip is to spend a little money on some good equipment.  It doesn’t have to be a lot however I will guarantee food will more likely be [Continue reading...]