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Aug 292014
Spring Cleaning Your Home and Your Life:  Week 4 - Personal Projects and Goals!

Today marks the final week of our Spring Clean August Challenge!! Yippee! We Have Made It!   If you are new to the challenge or maybe missed a week, you can click back and review all our previous posts here: Honey, You Baked August Spring Cleaning Challenge! Spring Cleaning Challenge – Week 1 Spring Cleaning [Continue reading…]

May 162014
Organising yourself with foods for a healthy diet.

  This post was brought to you in collaboration with Flora Proactiv. Compensation was received for this post, however all opinions expressed are our own. Both of us girls here at HYB know how easy it is to make sure the kids (and the rest of the family) eat healthily, but in the midst of that, completely [Continue reading…]

Apr 112014
Holiday Ideas To Save Your Sanity!

Are you looking for some school holiday activities that are cheap, easy and the kids will love?   Here at HYB we have come up with a little list of ideas sure to impress your tribe! Remember to Download your FREE {Printable} School Holiday Planner and get the kids involved.  These Easter Holidays need not be [Continue reading…]

Dec 062013
My Dear Nikolaus...

Santa Claus is real. I know! Seriously! He’s going under the name Nikolaus and looks pretty good for a man who is over 1670 years old! Our Au Pair is from Bavaria and today we have celebrated with her the German tradition of Nikolaus.  The story goes, Nikolaus was actually the Bishop of Myra (now [Continue reading…]