Jul 112014
Handy Homework and Organisation Station!

If you are anything like me, you know there is nothing like a good list.  Being organised is really important to me and helps my household run like clockwork (well, most of the time!).  In our new rented place there is a distinct lack of space. Any space – no wardrobes, no pantry space, no [Continue reading…]

Aug 022013
Origami Tableware - How to Make a Napkin into a Flower

Today’s post is just to show you this quick and totally fab way of making boring napkins look really smart. Tonight we are having friends for a Japanese Sushi dinner and I thought a little something special on the table would be a great talking point (not to mention just because I’ve always wanted to [Continue reading…]

May 102013
Tips To Organise Your Pantry

Something that’s been long overdue in my house! Last weekend I took the opportunity whilst Miss Z was asleep (because frankly – that girl can rip stuff apart faster than you can fix it!) and started on the two main offenders: I pulled everything out, cleaned, sorted and arranged and did a good job of [Continue reading…]

Apr 052013
Homemade Moth Repellants (Moth Balls)

I’m sure no one wants to admit they have crawlies in their cupboards (God no – me?? Never!). However – just in case of emergency I have come up with an utterly frugal way of keeping them all at bay.  Not wanting tons of chemicals in the house, I did a bit of research and [Continue reading…]