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Oct 192016
Smash Spare Parts are available!

I hope you are all having a fabulous week and remembering to get stuck in packing those Nude Food Lunches!  Be sure to tag us when you upload your pics to social media! #HYB #instagoesnude #nudefoodday and @NationalNFD (Facebook) @nudefoodmovers (Instagram). One of my pet hates in my kitchen is losing lids and container tops..…please tell [Continue reading…]

Feb 032015
Road Test Tuesday - Helpling Home Cleaning and Giveaway!

  Cleaning the house. Ugh. One of my least favourite jobs. Up there alongside dealing with dirty nappies.  Sadly most mums can’t do much about the nappies, but thankfully there is now an easy way to get your home clean. It’s so simple you will wonder why you never thought of it before….the answer….get someone [Continue reading…]

Sep 052014
Quick and Easy Ways to Organise Your Laundry

  Hot on the Heels of our Spring Cleaning Challenge, I have been busy trying to organise the most used spaces in my home.  (Sadly) the most used space in this place seems to be the laundry!! It is very small and ends up being the dumping ground for a multitude of stuff (and I [Continue reading…]

Sep 012014
Dirt kitchen and outdoor play area

A long-term project of ours has been to create an engaging outdoor play area for the kids. There was a few major boxes that had to be ticked: • Could be viewed from the most used areas of the house (kitchen/living/lounge areas). • Plenty of playroom for multiple kids – we like entertaining and pretty [Continue reading…]