Mar 222014
Training Pants for Toddlers

  There is much excitement in our house of late as Miss Z is starting Toilet Training (hurrah!). Its come around much earlier this time (Z being under 3) that it did for Miss N (who was well over 3).  The idea of being a nappy free household is just too good to pass up so [Continue reading…]

Jul 192013
Gettin' Crafty Tutorial - How to Make Kids Rain Pants

OK – so a bit of background to this post…..Our Au Pair (KK) is from Denmark (it rains a lot there, apparently).  She loves taking Miss Z playing outside, splashing in puddles and the like and was floored when she realised we couldn’t buy kid’s rain pants in Australia (have you looked? Most impossible! The [Continue reading…]

Dec 142012
12 Days of Christmas - Cheap Gifts and Stocking Fillers

It’s always the way!  You think you are all organised and then you remember you need a little something for your Neighbour/Gardener/Great Aunt Gertrude.  No Fear – HYB is Here!  Check out a few things we came up with that might just help to get you out of the Christmas Pickle…. 1. Homemade Goods: Who [Continue reading…]

Oct 192012
Gettin' Crafty Tutorial - Denim Shorties

I’m sure its not just me that has issues with this – denim shorts so short your butt cheeks peep out from under them.  Hello?  If I wanted to show people my bits I would have become a stripper!   There are never any nice denim shorts in the shops these days that are not like [Continue reading…]

Sep 282012
Christmas is Coming! Get Ready!

No, I am not insane!  (just organised!).  There is only 87 more sleeps until Christmas Eve! That’s 12.4 weeks or 6.2 pays for those of us who get our dosh per fortnight.  This means you need to start getting organised NOW to ensure you won’t be caught up in the rush.    Follow my simple [Continue reading…]

Aug 032012
Pirate Girl Costume - On the Cheap and Very Cheerful - Aharrr!!

Ahaarrr me hearties!  You’ll be hearing correctly aharrr!  This Mama has a pirate costume to be makin’ in 3 days!!  Ahem. Sorry.  No more Pirate talk I promise:) Miss N came home from school on Monday with an invite to her maties’ Pirate party on friday night. Needless to say I have issues: Firstly – [Continue reading…]