Gettin’ Crafty Tutorial

Aug 122013
Fun and crafty - origami chatterbox/fortune teller

Who remembers chatterboxes (or fortune tellers) from school play times? We used to make them and write dodgy fortunes like “You will marry a prince” or “You will grow warts on your nose”… Oh yes, we were ever-so accurate! Miss E is still a bit young to get the fortune bit, so I thought I [Continue reading…]

Jul 192013
Gettin' Crafty Tutorial - How to Make Kids Rain Pants

OK – so a bit of background to this post…..Our Au Pair (KK) is from Denmark (it rains a lot there, apparently).  She loves taking Miss Z playing outside, splashing in puddles and the like and was floored when she realised we couldn’t buy kid’s rain pants in Australia (have you looked? Most impossible! The [Continue reading…]

Mar 222013
Easter Parades - An Easter Basket!

  For this years’ Easter Parade at school, Miss N decided on a basket instead of a hat. For all you mums out there with no time, no cash and bugger all creativity – this is how you make the world’s easiest Easter basket!! All I did was head down to my local discount store [Continue reading…]

Oct 262012
Gettin' Crafty Tutorial - Mini Blackboards

You may have noticed the cute little mini blackboards in some of the new HYB Photos.  Super cute, useful and easy to make!  I’ll show you… I went to my local hardware store and bought: A small tin of chalboard paint in black @ $12.50 1 x mini roller @ $3.00 2 x oblong MDF [Continue reading…]

Oct 192012
Gettin' Crafty Tutorial - Denim Shorties

I’m sure its not just me that has issues with this – denim shorts so short your butt cheeks peep out from under them.  Hello?  If I wanted to show people my bits I would have become a stripper!   There are never any nice denim shorts in the shops these days that are not like [Continue reading…]

Jun 292012
Gettin' Crafty Tutorial - Baby Birthday Bunting

Another cute and very fast craft project especially done for Miss Z’s Bday!! In saying that – it would also be a great project to whip up with your kids.  Its easily something they can do and it would be great fun!!  Any bedroom or cubby house decorated with a little home made bunting would [Continue reading…]