Jul 112014
Handy Homework and Organisation Station!

If you are anything like me, you know there is nothing like a good list.  Being organised is really important to me and helps my household run like clockwork (well, most of the time!).  In our new rented place there is a distinct lack of space. Any space – no wardrobes, no pantry space, no [Continue reading...]

Jun 162014
That's Pinteresting!

  Ahh Pinterest.  What’s not to love?? Its a great way to lose an hour or two five, plan a party, get some style tips and work out the very best ways to do a million things you undoubtably pin and then never look at again (c’mon, we have all been there!!!). Last year Mel [Continue reading...]

Mar 222014
Training Pants for Toddlers

  There is much excitement in our house of late as Miss Z is starting Toilet Training (hurrah!). Its come around much earlier this time (Z being under 3) that it did for Miss N (who was well over 3).  The idea of being a nappy free household is just too good to pass up so [Continue reading...]

Mar 072014
Classmate Gifts - Customised Candy Bar Wrappers

  Miss N is starting her new school on Monday and I wanted to give her something to hand out to her classmates to say “Hi!”. Sort of like a business card for 7yr olds!  I decided on simple classmate gifts of chocolate bars with cute handmade “Candy Bar” wrappers. I am thinking it will do [Continue reading...]