Wordly Wednesday

Sep 172014
Worldly Wednesday  - Slow Cooker Chicken - Hainan Style

I love Hainan Chicken. I also love my slow cooker. So I figured even though its not traditional AT ALL, I may as well have a go of cooking an all-in-the-pot-at-once type of slow cooker Chicken in the Hainan Style. This dish is lovely.  Very plain, hardly any ingredients are used and the flavours meld [Continue reading...]

Sep 102014
Worldly Wednesday - Lunch Box Ideas…an Indoor Picnic

Today was a grey and yucky excuse for Spring.  I was planning on taking Miss Z outdoors somewhere however that never happened.  I decided to make up a lunchbox anyway as its always exciting getting something different to eat!! In true Bento style we have a bit of everything here, which is great for variety. [Continue reading...]

Sep 042014
Worldly Wednesday - Homemade Trail Mix

  Mel has told us previously how she makes her own trail mix and I loved the idea so much I now make it all the time.  The cool thing is it’s never exactly the same – it gets changed all the time due to what sort of things I find in the shops and [Continue reading...]

Aug 202014
Worldly Wednesday - Crumbed Fish with Quinoa

  This tasty dish was born of a somewhat rare occurrence….no food in my house!  I had not been out to do the grocery run and so my fish and salad dinner was looking like just being fish.  I scoured the cupboards and ended up pulled out the quinoa, mixing in a few last bits [Continue reading...]

Aug 132014
Worldly Wednesday - Freezer Friendly Chicken and Chorizo Gumbo

We have something super special to share with you today! I was so excited to hear from Susan Austin, whose Frostbite cookbook is one of my favourites. Chock full of freezer friendly recipes – it’s perfect for prepare-ahead cooking and giving me “day-offs” on my meal plans. Susan has just released a new ebook with [Continue reading...]

Aug 062014
Worldly Wednesday - Easy Iced Doughnuts

Today I thought I would share this quick and easy cheats’ way to make great iced doughnuts. I love being able to take something fairly simple and pimp it up a bit to create something fun.  These little beauties are perfect for kids parties as you can custom create the toppings to any theme or [Continue reading...]