Jul 252014
Fun Food For Kids - Chicken Chippee Wallets

I’m one Mama who loves finding new and interesting things to make for the kids. I do cook most things from scratch (or as close to as I can) although I must admit there are times when I reach for the packaged and pre-made items.  I’m all for being healthy as much as I possibly [Continue reading...]

Jul 232014
Worldly Wednesday - Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni Scrolls

  Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni is an easy and tasty dish the whole family will love.  It’s perfect for feeding lots of people and can be made ahead of time and kept in the fridge or freezer before baking.  Your family will fight for these leftovers!!   YOU WILL NEED: 1 x packet fresh Lasagne [Continue reading...]

Jul 182014
Nutella and Oreo Cake

Miss Z had a birthday last week (3!! OMG) and instead of a big party I decided to have a go at a Nutella and Oreo Cake.  I had seen many versions around the web and took the style idea from them, creating the recipe myself.  Thankfully, it worked a treat and the look on [Continue reading...]

Jul 092014
Worldly Wednesday - Chocolate Pudding Cake

Trust Me.  You need Chocolate Pudding Cake! (Don’t Argue).  It’s easy, it’s delicious and it’s fast (not to mention it’s chocolate and pudding and cake!!). You know you want some……   CHOCOLATE PUDDING CAKE YOU WILL NEED 180g 70% Dark Choc 240ml Milk 2 x Tablespoons Sugar 1 cup SR Flour, sifted 2 x teaspoons [Continue reading...]

Jul 022014
Worldly Wednesday - Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken wrapped in bacon

We’re a third of the way into Winter and comfort food is calling me. This recipe is happily doubled, so make two batches at once – one for the slow cooker now and one to freeze! This serves our family of 4 (one breast each for the two adults with the third split in half [Continue reading...]

Jun 252014
Worldly Wednesday - Sweet Potato Mexican Chicken

  I’m constantly trying to come up with new and delicious recipes that are healthy and filling.  Being easy and quick to make is also a real necessity in our busy household.  We eat a lot of mexican food, and whilst I love a good burrito as much as the next girl – I am [Continue reading...]