Apr 162014
Worldly Wednesday - Crunchy Easter Eggs

Do you need a fast Easter treat? Are your children needing a new activity? Do you not want to spend a fortune on either of those? Fear Not My Friends!  I can combine the two and give you some fun, cheap and tasty Easter FUN!!   Crunchy Easter Eggs Makes approx. 20   YOU WILL [Continue reading...]

Apr 092014
Wordly Wednesday - a fun Easter themed lunch

Danni did an Easter egg lunch last year and I was itching to try one myself this year. Spotlight have heaps of different plastic eggs, and I found cute chocolate looking ones there, perfect for a little lunchbox. I’ve covered a regular egg carton with some cute paper to cover the label, using some rub [Continue reading...]

Apr 022014
Worldly Wednesday - Eggs Benedict - Not Just A Breakfast Food!

I.HEART.EGGS.BENEDICT This being so it came to mind this week whilst searching for quick and easy dinners to serve that a pimped up Eggs Benedict may be just the ticket.  Here’s how to do it…   PIMPED UP EGGS BENEDICT Makes 1 x Serving YOU WILL NEED 1 x Ham Steak (or you could do [Continue reading...]

Mar 192014
Worldly Wednesday - Slow Cooker Chicken

Need a fast workday dinner? Look no further! This Slow Cooker Chicken recipe will have you cheering!  Its a set-and-forget type of meal and it must be fabulous as my munchkins had 3 servings each. (Nuff Said!)   SLOW COOKER CHICKEN   YOU WILL NEED 1 x whole Free Range Chicken 1 x Tablespoon Paprika [Continue reading...]

Mar 052014
Worldly Wednesday - Breakfast Burritos!

How about a fast, filling and yummy Burrito? Breakfast Burritos to be exact!  Slightly different than the originals, they still pack a punch and allow you to serve up a great breakfast – even when your house is in upheaval, packing boxes surround you and the kids’ can’t find their socks. BREAKFAST BURRITOS Serves 2 [Continue reading...]