May 012015
Homemade Caramel Pods

I love Pods. Whichever genius at the MARS Corp came up with that is a star in my mind. Delectable, bite sized mouthfuls of caramel goodness. I figured as a good kids-in-the-kitchen activity we really needed to figure out how to make these at home (any excuse, really). I had thought they may also work really [Continue reading…]

Apr 292015
BBQ Better - A 3 Course Nth African BBQ Feast!

Ahh the humble bbq. I remember ours as a child, a simple brick construction, top hot plate and a wire rack underneath where you shoved the wood.  Basic yet practical.  My dad was the type who loved charring steaks and sausages to a black charcoal hue, then insisting they were perfectly tasty. Funnily enough, I [Continue reading…]

Mar 132015
Lime and Jalapeño Chicken with Mango Salsa

Monday’s are Mexi Monday at our place and over the last few weeks I have been trying out many new south-of-the-border type dishes, such as the Mexican Quinoa Casserole I shared a few weeks ago.    We love Mexican food and although I am not a fan of Jalepeno (or a lot of any chilli [Continue reading…]

Mar 112015
Marshmallow Nougat

Marshmallow Nougat.  Sounds weird, tastes fabulous! Up until last weekend I never knew you could melt marshmallows and now I do I’ve a zillion ideas I want to try.  This was just one.  I’m normally not a nougat fan as it’s always so hard and teeth-shattering, however using the marshmallow makes so so soft and [Continue reading…]

Feb 182015
Worldly Wednesday Flashback - Pizza Pockets

How are you all faring from a few weeks back at school? Are you still coming up with fabulous foodie finds for your kids lunches or have you already reverted to the old vegemite rut?   Sometimes it’s hard to keep the inspiration coming so I thought I would help by injecting some pizza fun into [Continue reading…]