Dec 012015
Advent Activities (and a FREE Gift!) from Wrimple Printables

Christmas is only 25 days away.  Oh yes really! If things at your place are a bit same old, same old and you could not think of anything worse than allowing another crappy Disney advent calendar into your trolley – fear not! These adorable Advent Kits from Wrimple Designs could be perfect for you. Made to [Continue reading…]

Jan 092015
Packing Away Christmas

I must admit I’m one of those folks who keeps my deco’s up for as long as possible (I’ve been known to swap out Xmas decorations for Australia Day ones!).  I guess – historically speaking – one should pack away Christmas By Jan 6, which is the 12th Night.  However, many of us don’t have [Continue reading…]

Dec 052014
Reindeer Hot Chocolates

You have to love a bit of Christmas Craft.  I’m a big fan of it when it comes home from Kindy or School but do tend to stay away from doing it at home. Frankly I just hate the cleaning up part.  Miss N has a play day after school today and I thought it [Continue reading…]

Nov 182014
Road Test Tuesday and Giveaway! - Santa's Portable North Pole!

We are super excited about today’s Road Test Tuesday! The awesome elves at Santa’s Portable North Pole (PNP) have been busy during the past year creating all sorts of new and exciting things for our little ones this Christmas!  If your kids are like ours and love getting messages from Santa then the PNP is [Continue reading…]