Jan 272014

A hot Summer’s Day and we made SNOW!! Well kind of…
This is my new go-to messy play item. Definitely for outdoors only, the shaving cream and corn flour combine to make a soft, squishy, light sensory play material. Miss E squealed with delight when she started mixing it all up and I must say that even I loved this one!

Soft Sensory ‘Snow’
You’ll Need
One can of shaving cream.
2 x 300gm boxes of corn flour (we probably had 550gm all up as one box had been opened).
One plastic tub/bucket/water play table.
The How To

  • Empty the can of shaving cream and your corn flour into the tub.
  • 20140113-115834.jpg

  • Mix all about until combined (lots of fun!)
  • 20140113-115846.jpg

  • Play, squeeze, shape, mould, do whatever you like. They make awesome snow balls for a snowball fight though!
  • 20140113-115817.jpg
    This would be AWESOME activity for a Southern Hemisphere Christmas. Because how many of us Australians secretly wish for a white Christmas…

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      2 Responses to “Make your own Summer ‘Snow’ Balls for play!”


      OH I desperately want to make this right now! I am so doing this tomorrow with the kids. They are going to be LOVING you! Thanks hun – for the idea AND for linking up xx


        Thanks for hosting! It’s nice to see a weekend linkup :) weekdays are so busy!
        I love this stuff, its so soft and for the kids, half the fun is in the making – spraying in the shaving foam and mixing the soft cornflour!

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