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As we all get ready to get stuck in to a new school year, I’m sure most of you are thinking about better ways you can get organised and organise your family. Here at HYB, we are no different! You may remember Danni showing us her homemade family planner, and since then, having so many people asks her about it has prompted this great printable.

You can easily print it from any home computer (or even in A3 size if you need a little more space) and have it laminated or covered in clear contact which will make it an instant whiteboard! This means its easily wiped clean for the next week and saves paper in the process!

Simply add the names of your family members on the first LHS column and then you can fill out the whole thing and have it stuck up in your kitchen as a handy reference for the whole family. It includes things like what’s for breakfast/lunch/dinner daily, has a handy notes section (great if your family needs reminders like “take tomorrow nights dinner out of the freezer TODAY!) and a section for each family member to include all their commitments for the week.

It only takes 10 mins or so to fill out and if you do so prior to a new week starting, we can ensure your week will run a little more smoothly!

Download your FREE {Printable} Family Calendar HERE!

We’re linking up with Me and My Ready Made Family for the Sort Your Life Out in 12 Months link up. Head on over for some fabulous organising tips!

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  4 Responses to “Get Organised for 2014 with our {Printable} Family Calendar!”


    I love the idea of laminating so you can reuse over and over again! This is a great family calendar.
    Thank you so much for linking up at Me and My Ready Made Family xox


    I’m a bit obsessed with printables and I’m in the process of making my own weekly planner. I love the idea of making this one A3 and laminating it to put on the wall. Great idea x

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