Dec 162013

What happens when you get an Ikea sofa bed delivered?

The kids get big boxes to play in of course!! A1 made an awesome play house out of two of the boxes.
The kids added some decoration, and we added a welcome mat.
Cellophane skylights add a stained glass effect.
A mailbox with ‘letters’ made from the skylight off cuts.
And because Miss E needs to work on her fine motor skills, I printed out some butterfly and flower colouring sheets to cut, colour and add on…
Yet again, we wondered why we even bothered getting Christmas presents when a couple of cardboard boxes keeps them occupied and happy!

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    Oh I used to LOVE doing this! (honestly, I still do, I just don’t have room in my tiny apartment anymore)
    I am very jealous of their box… even if it is about the same size as my apartment. Such a fun way to entertain kids for hours!


      It is taking up a fair portion of our living room at the moment! My task for today is to clean up the surrounding mess and find a semi-permanent home for it! I’m thinking Miss E’s bedroom, but I’m not convinced that it will fit through her door! ~Mel~

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