Dec 212012

HYB does Christmas

I must say I have been pretty slack on Christmas traditions up until now. We usually drive around the Christmas lights and contribute to the work giving tree. We’ve been to carols once with Miss E, but keeping two kids entertained amongst a large crowd and open flames has just seemed too hard, so we haven’t been since Master O was born. Maybe next year…

We don’t have a specific day that the Christmas tree goes up. It was well after 1st of December this year as it was up in our roof space and that required a ladder and lots of dust, I was leaving that to A1.

After seeing a post about Christmas books and a holiday tradition from  Big D & Me pinned on Pinterest, I thought it was such a lovely idea, I had to do it and share it with you too.

So I did much searching for an appropriate Christmas book, I really wanted to traditional Christmas story as I have been quite lax in introducing any religious elements to the kids, what better pace to start than with the story of baby Jesus.I really didn’t have much luck finding one I liked. Most of them were a bit too long to hold my kids attention so I ended up with a Little Golden Book of The Christmas Story. I also added in The Gruffalo’s child. Not relevant, but they loved The Gruffalo and I do too. I’ve wrapped it with care, and on Christmas Eve, I’ll send the kids outside to find this waiting on the door step.

Xmas Eve Book parcel

Maybe a Christmas Angel dropped it off, or one of Santa’s elves? Either way we’ll have a new Christmas tradition of a special book to read together at bedtime that has appeared on our doorstep, by magic.

What Christmas traditions does your family have? Carols by candlelight; a drive around the Christmas lights; presents for the Giving tree; Mid night Mass; Elf on a shelf; or a beer for Santa and carrots for the reindeer? How does your family celebrate?  Do you celebrate Christmas at all?



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    What a beautiful new tradition Mel.

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