Apr 182014
Things I love about Easter..

  Chocolate; Its a time for Family; Celebrating New Life; Believing in Miracles; Eating Chocolate; Hot Cross Buns; Watching Children’s Smiles; The Sydney Royal Easter Show (even though I didn’t make it this year); Having Chocolate for Breakfast!   We will probably see in Easter Sunday with Chocolate, Church and then the yummiest Roast Shoulder [Continue reading...]

Apr 162014
Worldly Wednesday - Crunchy Easter Eggs

Do you need a fast Easter treat? Are your children needing a new activity? Do you not want to spend a fortune on either of those? Fear Not My Friends!  I can combine the two and give you some fun, cheap and tasty Easter FUN!!   Crunchy Easter Eggs Makes approx. 20   YOU WILL [Continue reading...]

Apr 142014
Easter Fun - no bake Easter Egg biscuits

Here’s a fun and easy Easter food craft that the kids can decorate. Plus, you don’t have to bake! Miss E (5) in particular, loved this. Master O (3) made two, the proceeded to eat as many dinosaur sprinkles as he could get his hands on. These biscuit would make sweet teacher or classmate gifts. [Continue reading...]

Apr 112014
Holiday Ideas To Save Your Sanity!

Are you looking for some school holiday activities that are cheap, easy and the kids will love?   Here at HYB we have come up with a little list of ideas sure to impress your tribe! Remember to Download your FREE {Printable} School Holiday Planner and get the kids involved.  These Easter Holidays need not be [Continue reading...]

Apr 092014
Wordly Wednesday - a fun Easter themed lunch

Danni did an Easter egg lunch last year and I was itching to try one myself this year. Spotlight have heaps of different plastic eggs, and I found cute chocolate looking ones there, perfect for a little lunchbox. I’ve covered a regular egg carton with some cute paper to cover the label, using some rub [Continue reading...]