Dec 192014
Free Christmas Printables

We have put together a few Christmas Printables you can use to keep the kids occupied at the Christmas Dinner Table! Why not use them as placemats? Grab a few small packs of pencils from a discount store and those little ones will be sitting pretty! You can also download and print if it’s your [Continue reading…]

Dec 052014
Reindeer Hot Chocolates

You have to love a bit of Christmas Craft.  I’m a big fan of it when it comes home from Kindy or School but do tend to stay away from doing it at home. Frankly I just hate the cleaning up part.  Miss N has a play day after school today and I thought it [Continue reading…]

Dec 042014
Hippo Blue Backpack Giveaway!

Still not finished the Christmas Gift Shopping?  Seems to me you need a little HYB help! The folks at Hippo Blue have given us two of these fabulous backpacks to give away* from their great collection.  These backpacks are valued at $49.95 (for the small) and $69.96 (for the large) and would make a great [Continue reading…]

Dec 032014
Worldly Wednesday - Double Chocolate Burbon Wafer Cake

  I’ve been totally lacking in the sweets department lately and hadn’t done much cake baking at all (totally unlike me).  This naughty number was made for my FIL’s birthday and I was honestly so pleased with how it turned out.  Quite possibly the easiest cake I have ever made in my life.  It also [Continue reading…]