Aug 202014
Worldly Wednesday - Crumbed Fish with Quinoa

  This tasty dish was born of a somewhat rare occurrence….no food in my house!  I had not been out to do the grocery run and so my fish and salad dinner was looking like just being fish.  I scoured the cupboards and ended up pulled out the quinoa, mixing in a few last bits [Continue reading...]

Aug 152014
Spring Cleaning Your Home and Your Life:  Week 2 - Wardrobes and Cupboards!

Have you all been working with us on our August Spring Clean Challenge? This week we tackle the wardrobes and cupboards.  Have you downloaded your Spring Cleaning Checklist Yet? Get It Here! Grab your glass of wine, a girlfriend or two and start with those clothes….. Points to remember: Always try on everything. You may [Continue reading...]

Aug 132014
Worldly Wednesday - Freezer Friendly Chicken and Chorizo Gumbo

We have something super special to share with you today! I was so excited to hear from Susan Austin, whose Frostbite cookbook is one of my favourites. Chock full of freezer friendly recipes – it’s perfect for prepare-ahead cooking and giving me “day-offs” on my meal plans. Susan has just released a new ebook with [Continue reading...]

Aug 112014
What Jamie Oliver cards, ice-cream makers and second degree burns have in common...

What do Jamie Oliver cards, ice-cream makers and second degree burns have in common? Most people would probably say absolutely nothing. In most households you would be completely correct. Unless you live in my house where these directly correlate with each other… It all started innocently enough. The ice-cream maker bowl stored in the fridge [Continue reading...]

Aug 082014
Spring Cleaning Your Home and Your Life! - Week 1 - All That Storage!

This week we are continuing our Spring Clean Challenge and focusing on All That Storage! If you are a newbie, take 5 and head over to our first post where you can get the low down and print out your own free copy of our Spring Cleaning Checklist HERE!! Now we are all ready to [Continue reading...]